Gametech RGB Remote Controlled 4x12cm PC Case Fan (Halo Model 4in 1 Set)

    • True RGB Colors.
    • GTIN: 8683125710294

Advanced New Modern Fan Design

Gametech RGB fan is designed to provide the most effective cooling to your system. The ultra-quiet smart fan structure cools your system as much as it needs. In addition to its superior cooling, the design of the design structure with interior and exterior lighting systems offers the visual ambiance you expect to your environment.

Quiet and Efficient

Gametech RGB Controlled 4x12cm Case Fan (4 Kit Halo Model), produced by gamers considering the most aesthetic trends, provides much quieter cooling to your system and helps your system to work safely by providing full performance from the most demanding overclocking processes. Enjoy the RGB effect and the beautiful heat dissipation effect, it will give you a wonderful gaming experience.

Powerful, Compact Control

Use the RGB lighting incredibly compact in the chassis with the included controller. With the Remote Control, you can change the fan speeds or the lighting without limits.


Air Turbine now comes with RGB function. Connect the motherboard with the RGB cable included in the product and run it synchronously with your computer. After making the RGB connection, you can control it through the motherboard software.

General Features
Dimensions 120mm*25mm
Operating Voltage DC 12V a. Rated Current
b. 25 ℃ 65%
Operating Voltage Range 10.8-13.2V
Starting Voltage DC 5VMAX
Rated Current 0.26A+10%4MAX
Operating Temperature 25C.65%
Power Consumption 3.12W+10%MAX
Speed 1100±10% a.25 ℃ 65%
b. Air Flow
c. Rated Voltage
Max. Air Flow 31.2CFM(f/min) a. Rated Voltage
b. AMCA Standart
Air Pressure 1.04mm-H2O
Noise Level 22.8dB(A) a. Rated Voltage
b. Measured in Nor-Echo Chamber
c. CNS 8753 Standart
Lifetime 30.000 saat 25℃ MTBF(Mean Time Failure Conf. Level 90%)
Blade Amount 9 Blades
Connector 4 Pin
Molec – Are Connected to Power Supply
Rotation Direction Counterclockwise
GTIN 8683125710270